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Our History

Winning Wellness, Starting from the bottom.

Founded in 2020. Based in Houston, TX.

Leading Change

Austin 2023,

Shiney Hiney founder (Tiawona Davis), Board member (Byron Davis), and members of the National Diaper Bank Network visit The Texas State Capital to advocate for law S.B. 379. This law would eliminates the sales tax on feminine hygiene products including items like tampons, menstrual pads and menstrual cups. In addition to menstrual products, the law, S.B. 379, also eliminates the sales tax on family care items including diapers, baby bottles, baby wipes, maternity clothing and breast milk pump products.

A special thank you to the media outlets that covered law S.B. 379

Did you know?

Shiney Hiney isn't our first attempt at community service.

As a team, before Shiney Hiney we've had alot of fun serving in a few ways:

- Feeding the homeless and underserved community members (2011-2022)

- Organizing community drives to raise awareness for various causes (2014- Present)

- Leading and Volunteering at church events (2011-present)

- Distributing diapers with other well known diaper banks (2017-2020)

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