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Our mission, story, and the crisis that started this journey


Our mission, story, members, and the crisis we had to combat.

Who we are

At Shiney Hiney we've envisioned a community where every child has access to a sufficient supply of diapers.

In order to enact on this vision we've partnered with local social service agencies to educate and provide diapers to lower income families while fostering awareness to eradicate the diaper shortage in our community.

Our Story

Shiney Hiney Diaper Pantry is a non-profit incorporated in the State of Texas with a 501©(3) designation. Founded by native Houstonian Tiawona Osborne-Davis, the idea of Shiney Hiney Diaper Pantry began during the COVID 19 pandemic in March 2020. The pandemic devastated the world by causing the death of millions, creating widespread job loss, prompting schools and daycares to close along with suspending several social service agencies ability to serve the community safely. Tiawona witnessed the economic impact and mass unemployment caused by the pandemic which forced hundreds of families into poverty.   Tiawona learned that many families could not afford diapers and resulted to reusing disposable diapers, wrapping a towel or a plastic grocery store bag around the child and rationing 1 to 2 diapers for the entire day due to the inability to purchase more. As a former teen parent, Tiawona remembered not having sufficient resources like diapers. Without appropriate diapers, vulnerable children suffer from diaper rashes, staph and other infections. Unable to locate social service agencies in the community operating during the pandemic and able to meet the vast growing diaper need, Tiawona began to envision creating an organization designed to educate parents and ensure every child has enough clean diapers to meet their basic need. With the support of family and friends, Shiney Hiney Diaper Pantry was born in 2021.

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